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Yeah, we all need yoga now. And yes, it’s always better live. But virtual is what we’ve got until we’re past this pandemic in one way or another. Til then, join us on Zoom for a soul-satisfying and a life-affirming practice.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 9:30-10:30am (Virtual)
These gentle, hatha yoga classes incorporate asana (postures), pranayama (guided breathing) and mindfulness to release tension in the body, mind and spirit, and support balance, flexibility and strength. For more information, and to register in advance:

         “Thank you for your instruction throughout the year, which has been so helpful to me in so many different ways –physically and emotionally …Thank you for the care with which you plan and lead your sessions.”  …Robin C.

Yoga Therapy/Private Yoga

If you’re new to yoga or working on a specific issue, schedule a private session. Currently offering on-line sessions only. Contact to discuss your needs.

        “During our yoga therapy sessions, I have released some long-held trauma which was causing my neck and back pain. I feel so much better and can move more freely.”    ….C.C.

2020 Retreats/Workshops

Due to COVID-19, all retreats have been cancelled for the remainder of the year. We hope to be back in person in 2021.